06SEP14 CrossFit: Getting Back to Virtuosity


06SEP14 CrossFit: Getting Back to Virtuosity

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CrossFit: Getting Back to Virtuosity


Even CrossFitters can be hypocrites and liars (gasp!). And not just your newly-minted Level 1 initiate: even the wisened Adeptus CrossFitticus can be full of it. Having paid the holy initiation fee, having been anointed with “the tee shirt” and having sat through two information-packed days, the typical Level 1 certificate holder emerges with a well-earned sense of having learned something important. That’s because theCrossFit methodology teaches a lot of things that are important. But what it doesn’t do is teach you, literally, everything. You cannot answer all questions of life, health and existence by pulling only from the L1 curriculum. That curriculum is a really great start; and, if we practice what it instructs – try new things, seek more information, practice virtuosity and integrity in movement – we probably won’t be bad off at all. But it’s shortsightedness, lack of humility and the failure to practice virtuosity in what we do that kills even the best of CrossFit intentions.


In CrossFit, when we speak of virtuosity and integrity, we mean the effort to perform each movement perfectly and completely (yes, that also means not counting reps that did not meet the minimum standards for what is required on a goop rep). We learn to do that by practice, by instilling good habits, and by seeking out more information and verification. Why? Because many times there is more than one way, and sometimes one way works better for some than it does for others. By the same token, we often find that there are core concepts that are essential (and it is the process of discovering the essential things that so often validates what we do). But how will we ever know unless we ask questions, admit that we don’t know sometimes, and go seek out the answer from a reputable source?


There are tens of thousands of legal tomes in the average law library. Do you think a lawyer knows what’s in them all? S/he doesn’t; but what s/he does know is how to research the right books to find the desired information. If a lawyer says to you “I don’t know the answer to that off the top of my head, but I have a good idea of where to find it,” you might be better off than if you got a complex answer that you can’t quite decipher. So too with your coach. If we don’t have a quick answer for your question, that’s an invitation for us both to do some research. And if we do have a quick answer, feel free to ask for the basis of that information; we don’t know everything, but you may find that what we do know is rooted is some very fundamental and verifiable information. Knowing the “why” is empowering, and it reinforces the “how,” which gets us back to virtuosity and integrity in what we do as athletes, helping us not to be hypocrites and liars to others or to ourselves about what we do for health and fitness. Do it well, do it all and do it with heart.



A) strict press:

3×8 @ 70% followed by 1xME @ 50%

B) tabata hollow holds & pull ups

C) 5 rounds for time:

20 wall balls (14/12),

10 burpees





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