Deadlift Society


Deadlift Society

CrossFit Reality – Power Lifting


3 min box jumps

Lying banded leg curls 4xME

Banded Goblet Squats 4×10


Box Squats (Speed @50% of 1 rm (8×2 every 30 seconds))

Sumo Deadlift (Speed @70% of 1 rm (off 10lb bumpers/every 30 sec)

Skill Work

Reverse Hypers (4×15 )

Increase every other set/Start where you ended last time.

Plyo box banded curls (4xME)

Farmer’s Carry (4 rounds/ beat your time)

Increase weight every other set/do not put the bars down. All the way down and up/drop the bar and YOU have to buy the class a whole pizza or dozen donuts.

Sit-ups (ab mat sit- ups with 15/25lb bumper)