Deadlift Society/Max Effort


Deadlift Society/Max Effort

CrossFit Reality – Power Lifting



250 meter row

plyo box curls 3 sets of ME

Banded GM 3 sets of ME


DL Rack Pulls (work up to a 1 rm/conventional stance)

Below the knee
First set 5 reps – second set 3 reps – then do 7 sets of 1 attempting achieve your PR. (Do not use the racks. Use bumpers or low boxes to set the bar below the knee. Work with a partner and use a belt.)

Skill Work

Reverse Hypers (3x 10 Use a weight to help learn the movement)

Let the hyper flow, do not stop it, squeeze the glutes at the top.

Sled Pull Power Walk (Time)

Time yourself and partner. Pick up the speed each walk. Drive off the heels in each step. Power walk, move the arms. Use a belt to pull the sled from the waist. 4 rounds from the top to the door and back is 1 round.

Banded Inverse Curls (3x ME)

Set a bar with a 45lb bumper on each end. Heels on the bar. Use a heavy band from the top of the rack to pull yourself up.

Weightd Bench Med Ball Sit ups (3 x ME)

Use a med ball on the bench, place it in your lower back. Use a bumper on your chest to add weight. If you can not use a weight, cross your arms.