Deadlift Society/Max Effort Est 1rm


Deadlift Society/Max Effort Est 1rm

CrossFit Reality – Power Lifting



400 meter jog

One arm DB row into a push up 3×10

Floor Press (Est a 1 rep max)

First set 5 reps, second set 3 sets. 7 sets of 1 attempting to hit a 1 rm by the 7th set.

Skill Work

Pull-ups (Strict and wide grip 3 x ME)

Use bands if needed.

DB Front/Lateral Raises (3×12)

Shoulder Shrugs (Heavy 3 x12/Squeeze at the top)

Banded Tri- Push Downs (3×12)

Use a heavy band and a PVC pipe. Hands close to the band, elbows locked in, all the way up and all the way down.