Erector Spinae


Erector Spinae

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Erector Spinae

If your back looks like this, you can probably dead lift the Earth off it’s axis

When I was in my globo-gym era, My old lifting partner and I used to discuss aesthetic appearance a lot. I mean, that was pretty much what we were all working towards. we didn’t truly understand what we were doing. We were getting stronger, but we were using principles of the bodybuilding methods. high rep, low intensity like how we all did. We were talking one day about all the D-bags with a big chest and no legs, Huge arms and no back. we came to the agreement that if you want to judge someone’s strength, you need to take a look at their back. With that, Lets look at one of the most important pieces of the back. More commonly referred to as the “lower back,” the Erector Spinae (AKA spinal erectors) play a significant role in the development of a stronger, healthier person. Your Erector Spinae are the layers of muscle that run along both sides of your spine from your lower back all the way to your head.

To more clearly define what our “core” consists of, your spinal erectors are a major player in a strong core. They aid in extension of our back, lateral flexion, and rotation. Simply put, our spinal erectors help us keep our backs straight during a dead lift or squat so we do not snap in half under a significant load. We have three spinal erectors, iliocastalis, longissimus & spinalis, that run from our sacrum (tailbone) all the way up to our cervical spine. Each piece has its own origin and insertion part that you can better see in the diagram below. We have covered what the spinal erectors are composed of as well as where they are located anatomically, now lets look at their importance.

“I don’t care about my spinal erections, I just wanna lift heavy shit” you may say….and I will reply “Well, no you are an idiot, Spinal Erectors dumbass, without these you would not be able to squat, dead lift, put anything over head, or even get your ass off of the goddamn toilet without falling face first on the floor with your head between your knees. (Southpark image anyone??)  Our spinal erectors play a vital role in the overall strength of our posterior chain. I just came up with this equation to help us understand

Strong Spinal Erectors = better Deadlift & squat, faster runner, Wodkilla extreme-o, better in bed

Its pretty simple science when you utilize my equation. here are some things to help strengthen your Erector Spinae.

Back Extensions

Conventional Dead lifts, Stiff Leg Dead lifts & Romanian Dead lifts


Squat (all variations)

Reverse Hypers

Glute Ham Raises

Funny, we do at least two of these every week. hmmm….curious……its like our coaches want us to get stronger?!?! Yes, we actually have goals for you guys and we are making progress. So in closing, Do not forget about your spinal erectors. They are vital to your success as a healthier, better athlete. If you have a weak core, strengthen your spinal erectors. If you cannot keep a vertical posture on the hole strengthen your spinal erectors (and get more flexible). If you want to dead lift the Earth off of its axis, strengthen your goddamn spinal erectors.

Workout of the day: 24 October 12

A) Pendlay Row 4×10 (AHAP)

Bar Roll-Outs 4×10

B) 1300m Run

60 Toes-to-Bar

60 Lateral Burpee Box Jumps 20″

1300m Run

*Break up the T2B & Lateral Burpee Box Jumps however you want*