Hand Care


Hand Care

So after some careful thought and a little bit of research I’ve decided to give my two sense on hand care and CrossFit.  We all know that workouts day in and day out put strain on our hands and we begin to develop callouses.  Callouses are good when they are properly cared for and bad when we leave them to care for themselves.  If you’ve done CF for any amount of time you know exactly what I’m talking about, hands ripping, blood every where, and the dreaded shower afterwards.  So how do we solve this nuisance of an problem?  Well quite simply actually, with proper hand care.  There are many avenues of approach to properly caring for your hands and believe me I’ve tried more than my fair share.

  • For starters I would take a warm shower and let my hands soak in order to soften the skin.
  • Next I would take either a knife, razor, or finger nail clippers and trim down the excess calloused skin.  (use caution when using these tools)
  • Then I would take either sand paper or a file and smooth down all the rough edges left over.
  • After doing this I would then go back over any area that I trimmed down a little more diligently in order to ensure the skin itself is smooth on all area

These are just my methods and like I said you should use caution when using these tools in order to clean up your hands a little bit.  Your hands do not need to resemble “Man Hands” with rough callouses all over but should rather be smooth and clean.  A few tools that I would recommend to all of you to use:

    1. PED Egg (can be purchased at any Rite Aid, CVS, Walgreens etc…)
    2. Fine sand paper
    3. File
    4. Butter Knife
    5. Razor (use more caution)
    6. Dremel (yeah seriously)

Another Method to prevent your hands from ripping is proper taping, especially if you walk in and see a 100 pull ups on the board as part of the workout.  We don’t always remember to take care of our hands and when we show up surprised at the WOD it might be a good idea to add some tape.  I am uploading a diagram of some proper taping methods that will help ensure your hands stay as rip free as possible.







A. Over Head Squat w/box


B. EMOM 2 OH Squats (135/95) First 10 Min.

While completing:

40 Bar Facing Burpees

40 T2B

40 Wall Balls (20/14)

40 KB Snatches (20 each arm 1.5/1)

C. Mobility


4 Responses

    1. admin

      Yes it is, however there is a difference between cared for callouses and callouses that you just let go crazy. Smooth is good, rough is bad.

  1. tony

    I’ve read that if you can pinch your callouses with your finger nails, they are too big. Do you find this to be an accurate enough gauge?