Okay lets got a few things straight. Your snatch needs to be better. Your snatch needs to look beautiful, strong & powerful. Im going to give you a full 20 point list of what you can achieve by snatching more.

1. Snatching makes you stronger

a true “Ass to Ankles” catch

2. Snatching makes you faster

3. Snatching will make you more flexible

4. Snatching will make you more powerful

5. Snatching will make you better at CrossFit.

6. Snatching will make you more attractive to the opposite sex.

7. Snatching reduces your car insurance.

8. Snatching makes you not have to wait in lines at the bank.

9. Snatching will make you more lucky.

10. Snatch will make your squat better (and when your squat is better you also get more lucky, sexier, richer, stronger, etc.)

11. Snatching will automatically make you more badass than anyone in the bar

12. Snatching helps with your libido.

13. Snatching gets you out of tickets.

14. Snatching is the most powerful aphrodesiac in the world.

15. Snatching will make Donny Shankle like you more (trust me you want donny shankle to like you).

16. When you snatch, you will get free airplane tickets to any destination you want in the world.

17. Snatching allows you to run for president…..and WIN. (Romney lost because he didnt snatch enough)

I love to snatch!!!!!

18. Snatching makes you run faster than Usain Bolt. (and swim faster than Phelps)

19. If you Snatch, the USA will never be invaded (the woleverines are known to snatch serious weight).

20. All Navy seals snatch, and everyone wants to be a navy seal.

21. Ronald Reagan Snatched down the Burlin Wall.

22. Snatching allowed us to get to the moon before the russians.

23. USA got out of the depression becuase we started snatching.

Okay I few a couple extra in there but oh well. Bottom line, if the point hasn’t been made. YOU NEED TO SNATCH. EVERYDAY. WHILE YOU ARE WORKING OUT, WHILE YOU ARE SLEEPING, WHILE YOU ARE EATING, WHILE YOU ARE ON THE TOILET. Start snatching you kids, your grocies, your car, your boss. It will make you better at life & a better American.

Lets watch some videos on the snatch.


Workout of the day: 19 November 2012

A) 20 minutes to establish 3RM Back Squat

B) For Time:

5 rounds

2 power cleans,

2 hang cleans,

2 squat cleans,

5 front squats

200m run


**barbell work should be performed without letting bar go**