June Athlete Spotlight: Rick Held


June Athlete Spotlight: Rick Held

As by now many of you have noticed, one of the things I love to do here at CF Reality is to put the spotlight on you all the athletes.  You all inspire us as your coaches as we see you grow and transform your lives.  So for the month of June I’ve decided to spotlight Rick, many of you know he and his wife Paula, they usually attend the 7pm class together at night, and let me say it is always a treat.  I’ve seen Rick hit himself in the head with the barbell, and laugh it off, I’ve seen him stick through a workout an extra twenty minutes just so he could say he did it….  And well with out much more that is why he is in the lime light today.  Thank you Rick!

I have always been drawn to physical activity – “healthy “ just fits.

The more I did, the more I wanted to do. It felt good to be alive.

In 2001, I relocated from in Indiana to find a new adventure in Southern California. I found this new location even better for fueling my appetite for an active lifestyle. I made my way to SoCal via Huntington Beach and continued to Long Beach – where I met another active person who had similar obsessions and values. We headed for Las Vegas, married & embarked on an active lifestyle together for the next few years.

The compass then turned toward the following 5-6 years. I worked in the fast lane… lots of opportunity, lots of hours, and I was just the guy for the job.  I’m an Art Director by profession, constantly trying to balance a very busy work schedule. Success, yes, but the real price was my health.

Now, I’m in a better reality… Xfit!

A commitment to redirect the chaos!

Realigning the life compass!

Finding the balance once again!

So, for the past 4 months, my wife and I have began rediscovering one of our basic passions, fitness.

With each WOD I’m reshaping what “was” into what “is”!  Learning more in every challenge.  I’m unlearning and expanding beyond what I may not have even thought about achieving, to enjoying the opportunity to meet others with a similar obsession – each at their own level.

Regarding the WODs, I’ve learned several things I’m better at doing, certain exercises I may not enjoy doing at times but, I’m better at them all – much better.

I’ve also introduced a better way of eating, and tamed the “need to do everything” into the “need to get some rest and be ready for the next WOD”.  Sleep, rest & heal!  Stress from business doesn’t have much of a chance in the WOD, when all you want to do is breath!

Actually, if I’m not feeling any soreness, I feel like I’m missing out on something. So true, it hurts so good, and stronger for what ever comes next.

From the results accomplished over the past 4 months, I am excited to think about what the results will be in the following 4 months, year ….

I always know things will get better … about an hour after WOD is completed!

I’m not the youngest in the BOX, yet I will push to do the best I can, always improving. I’m happy to be me… fit and healthy.  Life is good!



A) 3rnds

10 pull ups, 10 push ups, 10 sit ups, 10 Alt leg lunges, 3 Handstand wall crawls.

B) 10 Rounds:

250m Row 1:1 Rest Ratio

C) Hamstring Mobility