Goals, what are they good for and why do we need them.  Sure everyone says they have goals, they have desires, and they have things in life they want… But how many of you have really sat down, written them out and thought about how you were going to get from point A (start) to point B (goal)?  I bet the answer to this is relatively low.   As a society, in general, we like to talk about things yet never follow through with chasing our dreams.  It is easy to say you want something, to say that something is your goal, but are you really willing to make the necessary sacrifices for you to succeed???

These are the types of questions you should ask yourself when sitting down to set goals.  Don’t just set a goal so high that it is really unrealistic at the start, instead think of setting 5 small goals that when all completed attain that one big goal.  By breaking our goals up into mini goals we continuously succeed, we continuously see progress and it gives us more of a reason to make the sacrifices needed to become the athlete or person we want to become.  I’m sorry Genie but I’m going to use you as an example.

Genie is an excellent athlete and coach; she brings a whole new dynamic to Team CFR.  Genie knows how to compete; she knows how to set her goals.  She sets goals that she strives for every day, she talks about them she works on them and she lives to accomplish them.  You all may not see her train but I see her during our off hours putting in the time, she goes to various gyms to visit and gets in work while she’s there.  She doesn’t let distractions get in the way, she has focus and she succeeds because of that focus.  You all could take a note from her playbook on how to set goals to compete.

Sacrificing things we love is hard, sacrificing time is harder.  If you aren’t willing to put in the work to get the goals you want then you might need to re-evaluate what your goals are.  If you come to me and tell me your goal is to compete in the CrossFit Games and it is your first month in the box I’m going to ask you what else you want to accomplish, what do you need to accomplish to reach that goal, what are the things you need to work on?  When you answer me I’m going to tell you that those should be your goals and that once you complete all of those then your end goal of competing in the CrossFit Games will be in sight.

Goals are NECESSARY, and remember they are YOUR goals and no one elses.  Yes CrossFit promotes competition, yes people who do CrossFit are competitive, but what many of you are forgetting is the competition is only you against you…  DO NOT FORGET THAT!   Who cares what Joe in the corner is doing, he isn’t you, if you are constantly beating yourself then you are constantly improving.  Use your own records, your own desires to set your goals; after all you are an INDIVIDUAL.

Over the next month I want each and every one of you to come up with a list of goals, and I want you to email me them.  Once I receive your email with your goals you and I will be setting up a meeting time to discuss your goals and your plan of action to get there.  I want to see a minimum of 5 goals from each and every one of you.  Why??? Because our goal is to see you reach your goals!!!


Email all your goals to [email protected], in the subject line put your last name and goals please so I can sort them out.



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