Next Training Cycle


Next Training Cycle


**LABOR DAY WE ARE CLOSED*** Enjoy the holiday. Rest relax spend time with family and friends. think of it as a calm before the storm!!

I want to talk about our training plans. We program with the goal of making it to regionals. We have spent the month of August as a Adaptation phase. In caveman terms, we have been experimenting with heavy lifts, fast metcons and high intensity. What we tried to achieve was get you guys adapted to how we train. Get your tendons, ligaments and work capacity up to speed to eliminate injuries. It was all for preparation for our training cycle where we will be peaking through the Open and into the “CrossFit Season.”

Next week we are begining the second phase of our training cycle. This phase will last roughly two months. What you can expect is MAXIMAL STRENGTH. The focus we are trying to achieve is to spend the following months getting as strong as we possibly can. You can expect to be placed out of your comfort zone (more so than you already have.) We will be Squatting, Deadlifting, Pressing and Oly lifting a lot. We will be doing Skill transfer exercises to help with our Olympic lifts. What this also means is workouts will be heavy. You will get a good mix of fast heavy WODS, Untimed WOD’s with the goal being strength building and of course we will throw in our normal CrossFit style metcons to keep us hungry.

We are going to begin to implement Conjugate Method techniques for our strength and work in Oly lifts for speed and power. We will be using prilepins chart to maximize our training. We will also follow wave like progressions fitting into our periodization training plan leading up to regionals.  I am very excited about what the future holds for us and I as well as the other coaches are putting a lot of time into this program. We will continue to have workouts focusing on higher skill based movements that you are used to in the past.

Prilepin’s Chart

Strength is paramount in terms of fitness. you need to be strong to stay healthy. Strong does not mean bulky and slow. Keep in mind the overall goal. This first phase of strength will lead into turning that strength into speed strength and muscle endurance.

Workout of the Day: 30AUGUST12





8 POWER CLEANS 155/115


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  1. CF

    That’s what’s up! Right on queue!!! Doc has given me the green light!!! Time to get stronger!!! Let’s do this!!!

  2. Kolby

    Looking forward to the next 2 months. However, I am writing this comment on 8/31/2012. Its Friday, before a long weekend and I am at work. I need a new entry on the blog for today, something to get me through this long work day.