Ode to the Barbell


Ode to the Barbell

Announcements: We have A LOT of issues to cover…..

1) Do not kill the messanger!!!! but for all you paleo challengers, the Fitness Wave dunk test had a SNAFU and will not be able to make it here tomorrow (monday the 26). We are looking at next week (once their truck is running again). you know what that means?? ONE MORE WEEK OF THE PALEO CHALLENGE!! YAAAAYY!!!! 

2) all of you missed an awesome weekend. PERIOD. If you didn’t know, Genie has been competing in an online competition to try to qualify for the OC throwdown. before saturday she didn’t have a muscle up. the final workout in order to qualify had muscle ups in it. Now im sure you are all aware of Genie’s capabilities, but her Achille’s tendon has been the muscle up. So, saturday rolls around and there are a few of us in here and she tells me “just start the clock and lets see….” 11 minutes into the 20 min workout genie gets her first ever unassisted muscle up! Not only that, she completes 5 more in the remaining time for a total of 2 full rounds! Genie finished 44th in the qualifier which puts her in the intermediate division in the OC throwdown. HUGE!!!! (just go look at who is going to the OC throwdown this year and you’ll see why that is so huge). 

3) I have figured out how to automatically post a new blog at a specific time. So from here on out, every night at 10:00pm, at the MINIMUM the workout will posted. I will do my best with adding a blog post to the wod but at least you addicts will know what you will be doing the night before…Good luck sleeping!!!!


The Barbell.

The master of disaster.

You haunt me day and night.

When I am with you, I hate you.

When I am without you, I only think of the next time we meet.

You build my up, then tear me down

After I feel like I have finally grasped you,

You make sure I know where I truly stand.

You pull me forward off balance then drop your weight right on my head.

You collapse my core, while I struggle to get out of the hole.

You make believe I can reach success,

Then I find out how far I am.

You are my enemy.

The master of disaster.

The Barbell………


The Barbell,

My best friend.

As friends come you go, you are always there.

You never lie to me or lead me on.

I must pick you up off the floor.

I must lift you, press you and show you my strength.

I have to feel your cold steel in my hands at all times.

I constantly strive to show you what I am made of and how better I have become.

You don’t allow me to be weak or crumble with your weight on my back.

You teach me about sacrifice, commitment & passion.

I gain knowledge, experience & understanding.

In a world of chaos,

I find clarity and peace with you.

Nothing matters but you.

You make me better everyday.

My best friend.

The Barbell……


Workout of the Day: 26 November 12

A) Banded Deadlift 12×2 @ 60% of 1RM

*rest EXACTLY 60 SEC.*

B) 12-9-6

Power Clean 155/105

Box Jump 24/20

**rest 2 min**


Jumping Squats 45/35

Burpee Broad Jump 10ft.

**broad jumps are performed with 10ft markers. athlete must burpee broad jump to marker (constitutes 1 rep), turn around & jump back to starting position. repeat for a total of reps required to move on**

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