“Quality over Quantity”


“Quality over Quantity”

When we talk about quality movements what exactly are we trying to say? What is it that is so important that we repeat it over and over again, throughout the duration of class.  The answer is simple people, QUALITY OVER QUANTITY.  Our coaching standards hold you to the highest standard of physical movement competence.  We teach, reinforce, replicate, and show you how to move properly time and time again.  Over the past few months we’ve noticed some amazing changes in the quality of your movement patterns.  For ONE your squats are starting to look phenomenal, and thats not just talking about a few of you, its the box as a whole.  Today over 75% of the athletes hit their old 1RM front squats and made it their new 5RM!  Your dedication to positional work, and diligence in training is paying off.   We do not get stronger by moving heavy loads by improper means, we build strength by building our foundation of movement.  We start you all off slow and light, this is not to take away anything from your experience as an athlete or lifter, but it is to build you from the ground up with perfect form and technique.  You may think we coaches are stubborn, but rest assured we only have your best interests in mind.  Keep getting stronger, keep moving better, you all have the potential to excel in your levels of fitness.



A) 5 Rounds Max Effort Push Press @ 50% BW 1min rest between rounds

B) EMOM 10: 10 Pull Ups (strict)

C) 4RNDS for Time:  100m pinch grip farmers carry (35/25), 15 Head Cutters (1.5/1.0pd)