Resting Ain’t Easy


Resting Ain’t Easy

We’re now 8 weeks into a program that has focused on bringing us back to the basics, building foundational strength and hitting all of the metabolic pathways (google it, good read).

As a result, this week we will not be doing our two days of strength work because we want to give your body some recovery time to heal from the stress it has been under for the past 7 weeks.

This does not mean we will not be working out hard this week, it just means we won’t be lifting heavy. Many of you have PR’ed your lifts, felt huge differences in performance in the gym and noticed many improvements in your overall health outside of the gym. Trust that we know what we are doing and have your best interest in mind.

Do NOT go to your globo gyms to get your “strength” work in because you feel we aren’t doing enough “weight lifting” and please try to eat a bit better (drink a bit less) and get some more sleep.

NEXT week we’ll be testing our lifts as well as repeating some of the key WODs we’ve done over the past 2 months.

It takes more discipline to trust your Coaches and rest than it does to workout. Trust me, I know. I use to hate rest days, but the truth is…without recovery your progress is minimal.

– Coach G