Squats All Day… Why are they so important? pt.1


Squats All Day… Why are they so important? pt.1

By now I’m sure most of you have heard my two sense on the squat and why it’s so essential to proper training and overall strength building.  Everywhere I look and everything I read says that squats are important, yet every time I walk into a gym I see people doing half assed squats.  I get it, lifting heavy shit isn’t easy, working hard under the bar isn’t comfortable, and this is probably why every time I walk into a 24hr fitness or any other globo gym for that matter the squat rack is transformed into some “dudes” bicep curl station…  Seriously though you have no clue what the hell you are doing.

Hard work will never be popular, we as Americans (America… Fuck Yeah…)  love things the easy way.  Whether it be the pill that makes me feel good, or the food from Mcdonalds because it took me 5 minutes to get.  We like things that come with ease, we turn away from anything that can be related to the word “work”.  But why?

CrossFit isn’t easy, yet I see each and every one of you in here on a daily basis.  I applaud your efforts and your dedication to your fitness.  I’m proud of each and every one of you for showing up day in and day out.  We don’t make workouts to be hard, we design them with a purpose of getting you stronger and more fit, as a result we occasionally have hard workouts.  Anyways I’m rambling on back to the squat…

No on here will argue that we love to see results, and no one will argue that hard work gets you the results you want.  Well I’m here to tell you that your squat should be a focal point for you to derive your success and gains.  There is a method to our madness, there is a reason I made Chris F. do box squats for nearly a month straight with no more than 135lbs, yet his current PR went up nearly 70lbs!  This shit works.  Performing squats the proper way, full depth and a tight core correlate to insane gains in strength.  Now I’m going to list some reasons why the squat is so important to your training as the first part of my squat post, more will follow I promise:

Reason #1:

Contrary to common belief the squat is a full body exercise…  Did you know that your body utilizes over 200, yes 200 muscles when performing proper squats?  This is why when we focus on strength building with the squat and you never do a dead lift your DL PR goes up 30lbs!  Crazy I know… but seriously this shit works!

Reason #2:

Strengthen the Core and Strengthen the Hips…  You’ve all heard me say that in order to be strong all around we need a strong core, in order to do incredibly well in CF you need powerful hips!  Well the squat does just that.  We don’t do this to build the beach muscles, we do this to be fit!  Strength and Power both originate from your hips and your core.  So where better to strengthen these two muscle groups…. yup you guessed it the Squat!

In terms of speed and power I’m going to pick on NFL Running Back Adrian Peterson… The dude is fast as hell and one of the best backs in the league… at 215lbs of body weight he squats 530LBS!  There’s a reason he’s as good as he is…

Reason #3:

Hormone Response…  WTF do hormones have to do with my squat???  Well a lot actually, and not just with the squat either… The body has two chemicals that help us achieve superior dominance in the weight room, testosterone and growth hormone.  Both of these are crucial in order to build muscle.  Squats are one of the best along with Dead Lifts for stimulating the release of these chemicals into the body.  So… Doing heavy f’n squats triggers your hormone response and allows you to become the bad ass you’ve always dreamed of… ok maybe not that far, but still one can dream!


A. 1mi Timed Run


7 C2B pull ups

2 Wall Walks

*2min rest*


7 Pull Ups

4 Burpees (6in target)

*2min rest*


7 Ring Rows

6 HR Push Ups

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  1. CF

    I thought it’s because my arm wasn’t working! JUST KIDDING!

    I used to hate squats… any squats… Even as an athlete growing up, I always avoided leg work all my life and only did them if I was told to do so! It wasn’t until I discovered CrossFit almost two years ago where I knowingly did my first air squat. My first CFT included a 135# BS being 6’3″ & 187#s… what the heck? WEAK SAUCE!!! Well… I’m still working on them and now looking forward to breaking 300#s! As Paul mentioned, this is a very key movement that you need to learn to love! It’s only gonna make everything else better! Nuff said! See you all at the box!!! Let’s Do This!!!