That new jam


That new jam

CrossFit Reality – Reality Barbell

C&J Complex E3MOM 30min (10%-50% warmup 60%-100% GET BUFF)

Dead lift+Hang Power Clean+Front Squat+Split Jerk

Starting at 10%, Increasing by 10% every 3min. Finishing at or close to 100%
Do as many reps as need from 10% to 50% to warm up. From 60%-80% complete at least 2 of the complex, 90%-100% transition into a pure Clean and Jerk.

OHS (E2MOM: 10,9,6,7,6,5,4,3,2,1)

3×15 with ascending load
Start with an empty Bar (DO NOT DROP IT!!!) increase by 10/20lbs every round.