The importance of mobility


The importance of mobility

Alright so I’m probably the last person that should post about this seeing as how I neglect mobility probably more than anyone…  Having said that though, I also know the importance of mobility.  I’m sure we can all relate to this in one way or another because we all have our inflexibilities.  For me personally, its my hamstrings, and boy do they cause issues.  Lower back problems galore and yes they are a direct result from my inability to maintain a proper mobility program for my hamstrings.  As you’ve noticed lately we’ve been adding in more mobility to post WOD routines.  Just because class is over doesn’t mean you’re done for the day.  Stick around for 10 minutes each day, pick something and work on it.  Don’t know what to do??? ask us we know you guys and how you move, more than likely we can tell you what you need to work on.  Chris is an excellent resource as far as mobility issues are concerned, he knows more stretches and ways to manipulate the muscles than I could even think of right now.  Not at the gym, not an excuse, has your daily fix.  Live it and love it, yeah mobility sucks, yeah mobility is boring but its essential to our successes in the box.

Last week we did a sprint workout, and we had 0 injuries.  Now in all the time I’ve coached CF, no matter what box I’ve coached at it never fails… Someone always ends up hurt after sprint days.  This is because we tend to neglect our proper warm up, and the importance of it on our sprint days.  However, as you all noticed and hated me for we did a nice 2 mi warm up jog.  Your legs had no choice but to be warm before the sprints.  Another thing that we need to keep in mind, and contrary to what all our sports coaches told us growing up, static stretching prior to being warmed up is NOT GOOD.  Think of it like this, your muscle is elastic right? well take a rubber band pulled from a freezer its cold, now pull it and see what happens, it snaps.  Well I know its not identical to your muscle but its similar and I would hope that you could grasp the concept.  Ok enough of my morning rant on mobility, there will be much more to come, but get in here and stay late and work on this shit its super important!



A. 5RM Good Mornings

B. 400m run

18 KB swings (53/35)

18 Box jumps (24/20)

400m run

15 KB swings

15 Box jumps

400m run

12 KB swings

12 Box jumps

400m run

9 KB swings

9 Box jumps