The Truth about Fish Oil


The Truth about Fish Oil


First-time-blogger here.  I guess I’m with Paul on this one because I do not do the very thing that I am blogging about.  Purposeful?  Possibly.  Maybe it will get even your lovely coaches to start doing things that are good for them.  I won a year’s worth at the Festivus Games (Amateur Crossfit Competition) a couple months ago and my brother uses it.  As we get older, even though we probably should have started when we were much younger, we need to begin to realize that certain natural supplements like fish oil and daily vitamins can be a huge help to our health.  Today, I’ll be talking about fish oil in particular and its benefits.

According to the Crossfit Journal, ( “high concentrations of fish oil can be used to dramatically reduce inflammation, resulting in weight loss, improved blood chemistry and better overall health.” Fish oil is a significant source of the Omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA. Research shows that fish oil reduces inflammation even with a bad diet.  One of the biggest lessons I learned when getting my L1, in the nutrition section of the course, was that high carb, low fat diets used to be prescribed to the average person.  The biggest myth is that fat turns into fat, but in reality, fat has no dietary consequence, especially for very active people (like us crossfitters).  It is the excess carbs that aren’t stored correctly that get stored in fat and essentially becomes fat.  You see, when high amounts of carbs (or glucose) enter your body, it is turned into insulin, which is produced in the pancreas and is entered into the blood stream.  When insulin levels are too high, your pancreas cannot produce enough of a counter-regulatory hormone called glucagon.  Glucagon is a horomone that stores the insulin hormone in cells for energy, but insulin levels have to come down to a certain point in order for the glucagon hormone to be effective. Which is why paleo is such an important and effective diet.  For me, it is not even a diet anymore, but much more of a lifestyle.  Sorry for my off-topic rant. Anyways, the reduction of inflammation helps lower the possibility of heart disease, some cancer, MS (Multiple Sclerosis), bipolar, depression, ADHD, chronic pain and even Alzheimer’s. Now imagine how much more effective it can be with a good diet because it isn’t just fighting against all the processed food and adds to your healthy diet.    It is also said that because of increased blood flow and reduced inflammation, it can also help an athlete to recover faster and increase weight loss.

Right on point..

There is one negative that I have found to Fish Oil which can only be a huge problem if mixed with asprin or any other blood thinner.  Anyone that is potential for a huge injury, for example, people in the military being deployed, should stop taking fish oil at least a month in advanced before leaving.  This is because fish oil does increase blood flow and if you are taking a blood thinner, it is more likely that you will bleed out if seriously inured.

Just like any other supplement, there are many different brands and kinds of fish oil.  No, not all fish oil gives you that bad fishy after taste and yes there are even Fish Oils that taste, dare I say it, good!  For example, my brother, Chris F. (the fancy guy he is) takes the SFH brand that tastes like tangerine. ( Other than that, you can go into any drugstore and buy the over the counter brand.  The brand that I won is actually, Mission Ready Krill Oil. ( It claims to be “sustainable and responsible for harvesting.”

“How much fish oil?” you ask.  You should take a look at how much Omega-3 mg’s you are getting per serving.  About 200mg is usually low while the pharmaceutical is at a high 600mg.  You should take a total of 2 per day at about 200mg with your breakfast and one with your lunch.  It absorbs better and quicker with food.  If you don’t mind the fishy after taste then try and get the 600mg stuff, but I personally would rather not.  I think i’ll try and stick with my Krill oil.  

For More reading on Fish out check out this Website at Whole 9.

 Workout of the Day: 27 September 12

A) Box Squat 60% 1RM 10×2

*30 Sec Rest*

B) 12min AMRAP:

250m Row

7 Deadlifts 65% of 1RM


*2min rest*

2 min AMRAP:

ME Burpees

5 Responses

  1. CF

    I prefer the really fishy ones! Makes me believe that it’s actually doing something!!!! I KID… I KID…. BUT… I really do enjoy the SFH tangerine! I’ve yet to try the chocolate flavored one, but I heard it’s not that AWESOME! but hey… if you like chocolate fish, then by all means, go for it! Just bring it to the box and let me try a teaspoon…. for now… I’ll stick to the SFH Tangerine and the Krill oil that Genie won! I’m one of the older guys at the box… YES… I AM… so Supplements really do help me! I know a lot of people don’t wanna get used to taking them, but there’s only so much that our bodies can produce naturally! If you’re CrossFitting back to back and/or adding another back, you want to give your body its best chance to recover! I have to do so to keep up with you young bucks!!! I’m not saying it’s a must, but find your balance… Find what works for your body! We’re all different!!! Find your daily flow! Let’s do this!!!

      1. CF

        Dang… you’re chipping away at my year’s worth of krill! jk you earned it! Get more goodies @ Battlefit! Have fun and krill it… i mean.. Kill it!!!

  2. Amber

    Before reading this I never really considered taking supplements like fish oil. The thought of a pill with a fishy flavor just never caught my attention..HA! Now that I know I can buy different flavors (tangerine yummmmm) and how it can help my recovery time, I just might give it a shot. Thanks for the info coach genie! Good stuff!