The Unknown


The Unknown

The unknown and the unknowable, they are challenges we face in life every day.  Every day we make decisions based on our knowledge of what an expected outcome is, or at least what we expect it to be.  However, as we all know life in general likes to throw a mean curve ball.  CrossFit is about preparing for anything and everything, if you are a CrossFit athlete there is nothing you shouldn’t be prepared for.  Just because you see a workout online, don’t always assume that that is the exact task you are going to have to tackle when you show up to class… I.e. the sprint workout this week, a little surprise but something that needed to be done.  We are not specialists here, yes we have our biases as all people do, but that doesn’t mean that those are the only skills we are going to work on just because we are good at them or that we like them.  It is time to venture out of ones comfort zone, explore something new, try something that is inspiring, after all that is why we do this.  We do this to better our lives, to live longer, to thrive where others can not.  We push our selves day in and day out to become better than we were yesterday.  Look at Genie, she has been the most dedicated athlete she could be, and yes now she’s getting to the places she wants to be.  She has no problem venturing outside of her comfort zone, yes she may not want to at times, but that is why you have the coaching staff here.  We are here to support you, to guide you, to teach you, and sometimes even yell at you.  But understand this, it is all in an effort to better you, never to take anything away from you.  The moment you feel that something is negative, flip it around and view it from a positive angle, there are no negatives here.  Each of us has the necessary tools to succeed, sometimes we just need to find that certain key to unlock the endless potential of the human mind and body.  Train Hard, Train With a Purpose, and trust me that the rest will follow.


A) est. 6RM PushPressin 10 min.
B) “Cindy” or “Mary” (advanced)
C) 5 min hollow Rock/Hold

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  1. genie

    thanks for this paul.. very true.. take a leap of faith people.. u can do much more than u THINK you’re capable of