Turkish Get-Up


Turkish Get-Up

CFR Athlete: Man, coach Chris is so good at teaching the Turkish Get-Up!

CFR Athlete #2: Well, Coach Chris is pretty damn good at teaching everything…..

CFR Athlete: Ya obviously your right…But his TGU and the way he teaches it makes a lot of sense. How does he do it??

Well guys & gals, My secret is……I am a great copy cat! In all seriousness great coaches, entrepreneurs, anyone that has had success in their passion is 99% of the time copying some source and making it their own. Now I don’t want to discredit people that have come up with an invention or business model that is truly original. That is spectacular. But for us normal human beings, we have to research, learn and constantly strive for something new & better then put our own spin on it. I hope this is not a big let down but I, along with other coaches (who care about their clients) do the research to find out to effectively & efficiently train their athletes to become better.

Getting back to the TGU, This movement will always stick with me for a good reason. Call it fear, performance anxiety, whatever, but I hate looking like an idiot in front of a crowd. HATE IT. Because of this, I make sure I am 100% prepared in whatever it is that I am presenting, teaching, or doing in front of a group (my high school academics may show otherwise, but screw that shit I couldn’t care less about how the Korean war revolutionized animal rights). At my old gym, I was the new coach on the block with not that much experience. I saw that the WOD had TGU’s in it and I didn’t know jack shit about that movement! I never even heard of it before that night. So as I sat on my shitty slow laptop at 1am, knowing I had to coach in 8 hours, I frantically searched the website on the TGU. You may be thinking to yourself  “that sounds like plenty of time, what is this guy a idiot?” Well Fuck you I told you I have problems! I found Jeff Martone’s (Kettlebell God) videos on the TGU, watched them multiple times, then came into my class and re-regurgitated what i just learned verbatim.  After watching these videos, you will probably say to yourself, ya my coach literally just says what he did. Well ya there you go, you caught me! Lets just leave it at I taught you cool shit and you did awesome because of it. For my dignity. please.

What should be your end goal??? to be able to TGU our very own, Jeff Dash!!!

Workout of the Day: 4 October 12

6′,3″..260..full of love


A) 12×2 banded  Sumo-Deadlifts

*use red bands, weight should be 50% of 1RM Deadlift* Demo video

B) 8 rounds alternating arms each round:

8 single arm KB thruster (44/36)

8 pistols

8 OH KB reverse lunge


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