you do what???

The CrossFit Open is underway, everyone that participated this weekend did a phenomenal job!  You all have much to be proud of, all the hard work you are putting in at the box is paying off and you are reaping the benefits.  Keep up the good work as well as the positive attitude in your training.  Every step we move forward is one we will never have to look back at, yesterday is over lets train for today!  We will be having a bbq after the final CF open WOD so lets get that marked on our calendars 29MAR14 12pm!


A) EMOM 10:

2 Front Squat  @ 85% 1RM;

From minutes 10-11 drop 25% and Do MAX EFFORT

B) Pull ups 5×5 strict.  Lower at a 4 count

C) Partner WOD:

10 Rounds:

-200m Row

-20 Sit ups

*One person starts on rower other waits till they finish, as soon as partner one begins sit ups partner two begins row.  Rest time is until second partner finishes sit ups.  each partner completes ten rounds of the workout.