The importance of CONSISTENCY:

Training, whether it be for sport or personal goals must be done with consistency and accountability.  You all are athletes, you all train in a program that is designed to make you better, faster, stronger, healthier etc…  This program only works if you have consistency in your training.  Consistency can range from attendance to attitude.   If you show up every day with a positive outlook on how your training will go I promise you that you will reap the benefits.  If you show up on your scheduled training days and not just when you feel like it, again I promise you will reap the benefits.  If you have consistency in your dieting, consistency in your sleep patterns, consistency with your scheduled rest days… Again I promise you that YOU WILL SEE THE RESULTS.  You will feel healthier, you will be stronger, you will be faster and you will love what you do.

If you feel like you aren’t getting enough because you only show up once a week, you are more than right… It is up to you the athlete to be strict with yourself, hold yourself accountable for you gym schedule.  You must make it a priority to succeed and it starts with making it a priority to show up.   Set goals, set your mind to doing something, set your attitude to better yourself and keep yourself accountable.  Chase your dreams, make your goals your reality, live life to the fullest and never look back.   Train with the passion of a five year old aspiring to be a fireman, put that passion to good use, and become a better version of yourself everyday!



A) 3 Position Cleans

B) Double Under Technique