Wrist Wraps


Wrist Wraps

We are putting in the order with Gym Rat Wrist Wraps by the end of this week so I figured we can spend some time talking about what the benefits of wraps are. Wrist wraps are used to protect your wrist when lifting heavy. By stabilizing above and below the joint, your wrist will have added stability, thus less flexion and extension, thus better force production. Pretty simple really.


Also since wrist wraps help stabilize your joint, for anyone that has some mobility issues in their wrist can benefit from this. do you have pain when you shoulder press, OH Squat, Cleans, Snatches, Handstands? Well the real issue is working on gaining some flexibility and mobility in your wrists, but a quick pain reliever during a WOD is to wrap it. Our friends over at CrossFit SurfCity put up a great video that explains the benefits and use of their product and how to properly use them. (they are also the founders of Gym Rat Wrist Wraps).

Our two different wraps are the basic pattern and branded fabric. the basic pattern will be one solid piece of fabric with our logo stitched on top of it. In the branded wrap our logo is actually threaded into the wrap itself. Also, the branded fabric is thicker. This is good for heavy lifts but will make HSPU’s and a little bit harder. Check out the video, comment on the blog for different color ideas and make sure your name is up on the board if you want a pair. Order will be in by friday.


Workout of the Day: 29AUGUST12

A) Back Squat to low box


B) 4 Rounds:

In 90 seconds complete-

250m Row

As many reps as possible of OH Squat 115/75

*Rest 2 min between each round*