02.04.16 CrossfitKids


02.04.16 CrossfitKids

CrossFit Reality – CrossFit Kids


Animal Relay + Gymnastics (No Measure)

3 Rounds

Forward roll to bear crawl, 10yd

Forward roll to alligator crawl, 10yd

Forward roll to broad jump, 10yd

Forward roll to walking lunge, 10yd


Front Squats – CF Kids (EMOM for 10min)

Use DB, KB or BB. Try to increase weight every 2 rounds if form permits. If using DB athlete should focus on keeping the DB on shoulders and pointing straight ahead. If using KB, athlete should think of the KB as a glass of water and not tip the water forward. If using BB elbows should be pointing straight ahead.


Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

6min Tabata (20:10)

– 2min: Squats

– 2min: Burpees

– 2min: Mountain Climbers


Foam Roller Bowling:

Create two teams. Use 6lb med ball

Set Foam Rollers up in bowling pin format 10yds away from start line. Athlete must duck walk 5yds then can overhead toss medball towards pins. If all pins are knocked down the entire team resets the pins and the next athlete goes. If all pins are not knocked down bowler does 1 burpee and retrieves ball and gives to next athlete.