02JUL14: Jack of All Trades


02JUL14: Jack of All Trades



Jack of All Trades

The saying “Jack of all trades, master of none” is one of the more common cliches we hear in the world of athletics.  We hear about multi sport athletes that could be amazing if they had focused on one sport.  This is especially true for younger individuals such as high school athletes.  Back in Pennsylvania if you wanted to be a good wrestler you had better plan on doing it all year round and starting by the time you could ride without a car seat…  Why though, why is it we could only focus on one sport?  Because these sports are what we like to refer to as specializations.  Meaning that we are working towards one single specific goal, to be the best at our sport.  It wasn’t until recently that CrossFit became popular and the training methods have been constantly evolving that we even began to realize the direct correlation it could have on our overall sport performance.  So now when I use the saying “Jack of all trades.” I leave it at that, because in our overall fitness our goal is to become a jack of all trades.  We want to be equally strong, flexible, coordinated, and have the same balance, accuracy and agility.  We want it all because they are all small pieces to the puzzle known as being in shape.  CrossFit has single handedly redefined what it means to be in shape, so either jump on board this train or put your own training to the test to see where you fall in.


A) EMOM 10:

5 Squat Clean to thruster @50% Bodyweight

B) Annie: 50-40-30-20-10

DBL Unders, Ab Mat Sit ups