07 JAN 13


07 JAN 13

Alright so over the holidays we received a letter from Travis, in case you forgot who he was or never met him he’s the guy that used to crush everything, and if he didn’t crush it he would be the one staying after class for an hour to work on whatever it was he wasn’t perfect at…  Well our dear friend Trav, left us to go become a Naval Officer (pilot) and has written this letter that I want to share with all of you, it was addressed to the gym and this is the easiest best way for me to get it to all of you.

Hey Whats Up Guys!?

Well I’m starting my 9th week here at OCS (officer candidacy school) and I finally got a chance to kick back a little bit and write a few letters, I’ve been meaning to check back in with you guys. How’s everything going?  I’m sure you are kickin ass still, and that business is going good.  My OCS experience so far has really been a trip, they keep us unbelievably busy.  As far as PT goes, OCS is pretty tame, especially compared to the workouts at the gym.  The first week or so they’d (DI’s) burst into the hallways around 0430 and proceed to beat the company i.e. push ups, sit ups, jogs with like a 60lb sea-bags on your back and various other forms of PT, then they’d destroy everyones rooms…  tossing mattresses and laundry down the hallways all the while yelling and screaming…  it was kind of funny every time, but for a while people were falling out left and right, there’s a lot of cerebral/intellectual types here and a lot of them aren’t very athletic, still i kinda admire them because I’m sure they knew it was going to be tough for them when they signed up.  Anyways I just wanted to say thanks to you guys for always pushing me to go my hardest.  Its because of you guys that I didn’t ever have to worry about the physical training side of OCS and was able to focus my attention on my classes and personel inspections, which have been the biggest challenges…  Lots of studying and attention to detail.  But I passed my last inspection and final exams last thursday.  Also we took our last personal fitness test on friday, I got 97 push ups in two minutes, 108 sit ups, and ran the mile and a half in 8:32.  A couple guys in the company beat me in push ups and sit ups but i’m the fastest in my company by about 30 seconds, all thanks to you guys.  I worked with a bunch of the guys here who struggled at the PT when they first showed up, we’d study for like 15 minutes and then knock out sets of push ups, burpees, and sit ups in between, it worked out really well.  The militarization part of our training is over now, we are the most senior class at OCS which means we basically run the rest of the regiment and we all have specific jobs.  Mine is the regimental PT Body, haha, its kinda funny, I have to get up on this wooden platform and lead the entire regiment of like 200 guys through exercises and stretches, its cool.  But, overall its been a positive experience, it has taught me to be more organized and to pay more attention to detail, which is good.  There’s a bunch of good people here too, my roomate was an All-American LAX player at Yale, we’ve become pretty tight over the weeks.  But anyways, like I said I miss you guys and I look forward to stoppin by next time I get back.  Take care of yourselves and give me an update!

keep working hard,

Travis 16DEC12


A) EMOM: 6×3 Clean 75%
B) 10 min. est 1RM Clean Pull
C) 12-9-6 Front Squat 185/135, lateral burpees over bar

**3 min rest**

9-6-3 Front Squat 185/135 burpee


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  1. nick

    My crossfit nemesis! Whats up brother! Show those guys how its done. Just dont be pulling none of that top gun singing in a bar shit bcuz i would have to jump in their with you!