CFR Party is this weekend 11MAY13 starting at 4PM, bring whatever you would like to contribute to the fun/food/drink!  We have a lot of new members so this is finally the time to get out there and meet them all.

Also the end of the month hike is in the planning stages, so suggestions of where you guys would like to meet up would be greatly appreciated in our decision process.

I can’t say enough how important mobility is, our wednesday night 6pm class is still and will be for a long time YOGA, Everyone should at least give it a shot before counting it out of your training regimen.  Also if you havent already you should think about purchasing some mobility gear for your homes/office, a simple LAX ball or roller stick are great for on the go!

We have a few spectator events coming up as well:  Unfortunately they are all the same weekend!

The weekend of May 17th Chris and Genie have a weightlifting comp at CrossFit Monrovia.

The same weekend the So Cal CrossFit Games Regionals will be taking place down by San Diego

Get out to at least one of them to check out what everything is all about its a great learning experience for even the most novice CrossFitter!



A) Rope Climb Technique

B) Angie

100 pull ups

100 push ups

100 sit ups

100 air squats

For Time!

This is a benchmark WOD so do your best and get up on that board!

2 Responses

  1. Rob Seymour

    Ode to Jackie.
    On my 98 push-up my arms collapsed.
    On my 100 sit-up I almost pooped myself.
    On my 99th and 100th pull-up I threw up in my mouth.
    On my 100th air squat I wished I was dead.

    Oh, how I love you Jackie.