08SEP14: Breaking a Sweat in the Kitchen…


08SEP14: Breaking a Sweat in the Kitchen…

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Breaking a Sweat in the Kitchen…

The gym is a good place to start when it comes to breaking a sweat, but that’s not the only place you should be putting in work. When it comes to being an athlete, we like to treat our bodies like machines, and in order for our bodies to run like one, we must also be using the proper fuel. There are many different diets that crossfitters like to experiment with. Two of the major ones are the, “Zone” and “Paleo” diet. Having the proper diet means seeing results faster, and EVERYONE likes quicker results.

If you are really serious about wanting to fuel your body properly, take the time to research different diets, or talk to someone that has experience with nutrition. Finding the correct diet takes time because not everyone’s body is the same, so we must experiment. It is understandable that most of us are busy, on the go, and do not have the time to cook every single meal when we start to feel hungry. This is where meal prepping and planning must come in to play. On your least busy day take the time to start researching different diets; the two I would recommend would be the “Paleo,” or “Zone” diets. Once you feel as if you have a pretty good understanding on what the diets are, start meal planning.

What I like to do is, go on the Internet and just check out different recipes that are paleo. I usually like to have enough meals for multiple days. Since for me, Thursday and Sunday are my least busy days, I like to take these days and do all my meal prepping and planning. On Sunday I will usually cook enough meals to last me till at least Tuesday, and then the same for Thursday. Not only does this take work, but it also takes discipline. I promise it will pay off though. Once you have all your meals cooked for the next few days, all you have to do is pop each one in the microwave whenever you’re hungry.   One trick that really helps is making enough dinner where I end up having leftovers to use as my lunch. If cooking is not for you, and you would like to go a different route for meal planning, there are other options. One, you can pre-order food from a paleo delivery service, such as Brian’s Bowls. Two, if it is convenient, or you are willing to make the drive; you could stop at one of my favorite places to get food when I am in a rush, My Fit Foods. I know all of this is by no means easy, but if you are willing to put the work in, you will see the results.



A) Est. 1RM Back Squat


10 push ups

10 pull ups


15 Slam Balls (30/20)

30 DBL Unders


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