17JUL14: Accountability


17JUL14: Accountability

CrossFit Reality


When it comes to your training, only one person is in control of how often you come, how often you keep your diet in check, or how often you track you own results and numbers.  That person is YOU.  People constantly try to shift the blame to others or outside reasons for their inability to show up to the box or to get the proper nutrition on a daily basis.  As a culture we love to make up excuses, but who are these excuses ever really benefiting?  NO ONE.  Those 15 minutes we spend every day trying to find the right excuse to why we can’t make it to the box would be better spent actually getting to the box.  Track your results, track your progress, evaluate your self and see what is helping and what is not helping you succeed in your own fitness.  Keeping these notes may seem tedious or pointless at the time, but when you step foot in the box and you see 80% of your 1RM it would be great if you knew what that was so your own training can be as effective as possible.

Registering for classes, no this is not mandatory, but for the sake of holding yourself accountable schedule your classes and make sure you attend them.  This helps out in more ways than you think.  If 20 people are registered for a class then we know to have an additional coach on staff to ensure proper and safe training is being done as well the more coaches the more knowledge you’ll get dropped during your class time.  Beyond that its more about setting up our daily schedules.  Life is busy, we know that, but our health should be a priority.  After all it is what keeps us alive.


A) RDLs 5×5 @70% BW

B) Hamstring Mobility

C) 10MIN to complete as much as possible:

200m Pinch Grip farmers carry (25/15),

75 DBL Unders,

30 KB Snatches (15 ea arm 1.5/1.0),

CAL on Rower to ending time (score is calories on row)