2013 Announcements


2013 Announcements

Today you all get two blog posts because it is an important day for TEAM CFR.  With a new year comes a new beginning each day is a new day, a day to better ourselves, a day to further achieve the goals we all shoot for.  We train with a purpose, that is who we are, as a gym and as a community.

After reflecting on the past year Coach Chris and I have come up with a few things to change around to better suit the needs of you all, our athletes.  With the emphasis on olympic lifting that we have you’ve already started to see some changes, the platforms…  It doesn’t stop there.  Because we focus on these lifts we’ve decided to send all of our coaches the the USAW certification course.  If you don’t know what that is I highly recommend looking into it and seeing just what your coaches will now be able to offer you.

Second, you’ve heard talk of the pull up cages being split and moved and finishing the flooring of the entire gym (yes I know its only a small portion by the garage door) but still it is going to be done within the next 4 months.

YOGA!!!  yes that is right, we need to focus more on mobility than what we have been… So… I’ve sought out a friend who is a yoga instructor and does CrossFit with us from time to time.  She will be teaching a Mobility/Yoga class on wednesday nights at 6pm starting next week!!!  I highly recommend you take advantage of this as well.  All those tiny little nagging aches and pains are probably related to lack of mobility in a certain region of your body.  Just because you can touch your toes doesn’t mean your shoulders have the flexibility to get into the proper overhead position.

Remember, never just go through the motions, always do everything you do with a purpose…  Train hard and the results will follow!