22JUL14: Olympus Movement & Mobility


22JUL14: Olympus Movement & Mobility


Olympus Movement & Mobility Class Starting Tomorrow!

Are you looking to become a Crossfitter with better movement to improve strength, power, and speed? Are you looking for ways to recover quicker to prepare for your next WOD; or relieve chronic pain from an injury AND help prevent future injuries? Your answer should be YES to all of the above- you NEED to attend MOBILITY class at Crossfit Reality. As a Crossfit athlete is it extremely important to learn how to take care of your body to prepare for high level training session AND to move better to create optimal results.

MOBILITY class will teach you  how to use certain tools (i.e. foam roller, lacrosse ball, strength band, voodoo band, etc.) to aid in RECOVERY as well as improve the movement of your body so that you can increase your athletic potential, decrease injury and feel better.

The mobility class is designed to help you improve your squat, overhead shoulder mobility as well as core stability, to name a few; by discovering new areas to mobilize, AND to make sure you’re doing it correctly!

WHEN IS THE BEST TIME TO MOBILIZE?! No right or wrong answer here, BUT here’s a few things to think about:

-When in doubt, come to mobility class after you WOD. This is a great time because you are all warmed-up and will be able to get deeper into the stretches

– It’s ALWAYS good to come to mobility on your days off!


“You need to understand how to move correctly in every situation. You also need the tools to deal with stiff and adaptively short tissues that restrict range-of-motion. When we restore position, we restore function. When we improve position, we improve function.” Excerpt From: Kelly Starrett and Glen Cordoza. Becoming a Supple Leopard.



In a time when the fitness and wellness industry confuses and over-engineers the art of movement and mobility, along comes clarity with Olympus.

We’ve done the research and hard work so our clients can be confident and well-informed as to what truly heals and strengthens the modern athlete.

Olympus is a holistic approach to the temple that is you.  We go beyond just treating your injury.  Olympus is about improving your overall movement, which will lead to increased performance.  We deliver a hands- on, top tiered professional approach to physical therapy.  Emphasis and direction are placed on mobility, injury prevention, strength and conditioning; as well as regeneration and recovery to ensure that you are always prepared to train and compete at the highest level.

Our objectives include the treatment and mitigation of habits and trends that are proven detrimental to the athlete.  Olympus creates longevity and superior performance executed through a well- designed program tailored to the athlete’s specific needs.


A) EMOM 5:

ME Strict Press 50%BW :20,

ME Push Press :15,

:25 rest

B) EMOM 6:

row 200m

C) 30-20-10-5:

box jumps (24/20),

KB Swings (Russian 2.0/1.5)