23JUN14: The Importance of Intensity


23JUN14: The Importance of Intensity



The Importance of Intensity

Intensity, the word we all fear and love at the same time.  CrossFit is very much a love/hate relationship and that feeling is mainly due to the meaning of intensity.  As we progress in our training and perfect our form we begin to see the fruits of our intense workout style.  CrossFit without intensity is no better than going to 24hr fitness, we get little to no work done and it takes FOREVER to do a workout.  In CrossFit we only get out of a workout what we put into it.  If we are willing to sacrifice 5 minutes of our comfortable lives to intensity we soon begin to see how well it works.  Our bodies begin to transform our minds begin to accept the fact that we must leave our comfort zone in order to seek the results we truly desire.  Today’s post is short and sweet and I want you to all think about your workout ethic for a few minutes and think about how willing you are to leave that comfort zone in order to achieve the goals you set.

Rowing Seminar Sign ups:

The sign up sheet will be up today, if you look on the right hand side of this page you will see an “events @ CFR” link. If you are interested we will be having the rowing seminar this saturday with John Mustafa and it is limited to the first 20 people to sign up.  Saturday classes will be cancelled and this seminar will be taking its place.


This week marks the beginning of our gymnastics training phase

A) 7×7 Deficit Pull ups: go down at a 4 count

B) Wall Walks (hands touch stomach) 7:00 running clock stay up as long as possible

C) AMRAP 7: ME Muscle ups