24JUN14: Eat, Sleep, Hydrate


24JUN14: Eat, Sleep, Hydrate



Eat, Sleep, Hydrate:

These three simple terms are more important to your actual training than the training itself.  Yes, I said it, these three words are the keys to success.  The fuel we burn to perform our lifts comes directly from the food we put into our bodies.  We process this food and and regulate our body temperature during workouts by being hydrated.  Our system functions and fires on all cylinders only after we have an adequate amount of sleep.  See where this is going?

Dehydration, it can and will kill you… ok maybe just your performance on a daily basis in short term doses of dehydration. Heat stroke is a real possibility though.  “Dehydration decreases a person’s VO2max and impairs work capacity in fatiguing exercise of an incremental nature.” (Jeukendrup, Gleeson).

HMMM… Those words “work capacity” and “VO2max”, I swear I hear crossfitters talk about these all the time.  

Sleep: Our bodies need to naturally reset, to naturally recovery and rebuild.  If we want to perform at our optimal level then we need to achieve adequate sleep every night.  We need quality DEEP SLEEP, and everyone achieves this differently.  So while Jimmy sleeps 7hrs and feels awesome it may take Johnny 8.5hrs to get the same amount of quality REM sleep.  Make sure you are feeling well rested every day and not like you’ve been running the gauntlet in your dreams all night.  3hrs of sleep a night is not enough and will not help you achieve new PR’s or get to the games one day.

EAT:  Eat quality foods, meats, tons of veggies and a huge variety of healthy meals.  Don’t isolate 3 meals and put them on repeat, your system needs a variety of healthy eats so that your mind doesn’t push you over the edge and you go on an eating rampage at McDonalds.  Stick to the perimeter of the grocery store where fresh foods are stocked, stay away from ingredients you cant pronounce and stay out of the middle.. nothing good is there just processed crap!



A) 3 Pos Snatch 15min:

Beginners < 6mo CF only barbell,

>6mo CF 65% 1RM,

> 1yrCF 85%1RM….

With advanced athletes work up to these numbers and try and do 5 rounds of 1 at each position    

B) Randy:

75 power snatches for time (75/53)


Quote of the Day:

“If you don’t like something change it.  If you can’t change it, change your attitude” -Maya Angela