This weekend we have NLI and guess what it’s here in our own back yard at Cal State Long Beach!  We have a few competitors heading there to take on the challenge of their first competition, so lets all show up and give them our support.   The gym will be CLOSED Saturday Feb 2nd due to NLI and Sunday Feb 3rd due to the Super Bowl.

Back Squats are essential to success in weight lifting.  If you have a strong squat and a strong core you will see that everything else begins to follow suit.  Having said that I’m sure you are aware that you may see a shift in our focus on programming in the upcoming days/weeks.


A) 5×5 Back Squat @90% of 5RM
B) Strict Press 5×5
C) 4Rounds: 250m Row,

20 Front squats 1/2bw,

15 Push press 1/2bw