29JAN15: The Beginning of Your CrossFit Journey


29JAN15: The Beginning of Your CrossFit Journey

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The Beginning of Your CrossFit Journey

We all came to CrossFit from somewhere, some of us were athletes our whole lives and others never did an ounce of physical training ever before.  We open our arms to all types of athletes here and for good reason.  ANYONE can do CrossFit.  Now that doesn’t mean we’ll all make it to the CrossFit Games within our first year, heck hardly anyone ever makes it there in the first place.  But that isn’t what CrossFit is designed for.  It is designed for everyone and anyone to be able to actively participate, to actively better themselves, and it WORKS!  When you first walk through those somewhat scary doors to your first CrossFit Box you should be welcomed with open arms as we do with everyone here.  We don’t care where you came from or what you did in the past if anything.  None of that matters, all that matters is that you are willing to make the commitment to yourself to get better.  Yes it is a commitment and something that requires constant work and attention.

Now when you are first beginning CrossFit don’t get wrapped up in the RX axle of that is everything you need to achieve.  RX is simply a “standard” for the workout, that doesn’t mean it is what your standard should be.  Each workout should be modified for the athlete and tailored to there strengths and weaknesses accordingly.  This is one of the things CrossFit does so well, but it requires GOOD ACTIVE coaches.  In terms of your progress as an athlete you should never be upset if you aren’t RX’ing every workout or dead lifting 500lbs in  your first six months.  As an athlete you are still a “novice” through at a minimum the first TWO years of your training.  Don’t get upset at yourself over trivial things like this.

Your first three months of training are probably the most crucial to your development as an athlete.  Consistency is key during this time.  It is highly recommended by your coaches that you attend a minimum of three days of training a week during this period.  If you want to add a fourth day after a month or so, go ahead, and see how your body reacts.  You may see a great uprise in your success or you may find that your body just isn’t ready yet and you are a little more beat down than you should be.  Again this is not something you should be embarrassed or ashamed of its all a part of your individual maturation process with strength and conditioning.  Your body takes time to learn new things and understand them fully as well as develop accordingly.

“I missed almost a month I’m going to quit.”  This is quite simply a horrible attitude.  We understand life happens and there may be a time you aren’t as consistent as you’d like to be, but that doesn’t mean give up entirely.  Just understand you’ve made 100 steps forward and 5 back.  That is still PROGRESS and that is what matters most.  Don’t beat yourself up over these little nuances, they are minor in the grand scheme of your training.  It’s a process that takes time and dedication, not self loathing and negativity.


A) Handstand technique work

Ring Dips
Push ups