29JUL14: Quality Over Quantity


29JUL14: Quality Over Quantity



Quality Over Quantity:

We are a direct result of what we do, whether its the food we eat, the amount we sleep, or the way we train.  If we eat horribly we work horribly, feel horribly, and training becomes almost non-productive.  This same principle holds true for many aspects of our lives.  Instead of thinking how much of everything we can have or do think about how good it is.   Think about spending one hour solidly performing or working versus 5 hours of interrupted semi-productive time.  If you can begin to learn and focus on that one task chances are it will turn out better than the rest.  So why should training be any different?  In short it shouldn’t, but I say this with caution because I’m not promoting becoming a specialist in an one way.  Think of it fitness in general, focus on the overall, the meaning of general physical preparedness.  We perform a wide number of movements involved with the term fitness.  Our goal is to perform them all efficiently and properly.  Perform quality movements, quality repetitions, because as with your work performing these in a quality type manner will be more productive than half ass-ing them and getting nowhere.  Quality movement builds strength and endurance to continue to perform these movements at a high level of efficiency.  Continuously training in this way becomes beneficial when we build that proper base of technique and movement mechanics.  Speed comes later on down the road after we’ve practiced and performed hundreds of repetitions.  Just some food for thought as we begin our next phase of training.


A) Back Squat:


B) Ankle mobility

C) 4 RNDS:

15 Pull ups,

15 wall balls (20/14),

15 OH Lunges (45/25 plate)