Today marks the 11th anniversary of the tragedy on 9/11.

The most tragic day in American history. If that picture doesn’t ignite a fire inside of you then I don’t know what will. It is important that we are reminded of this day. We should never forget what happened to our country and what the ripple effect has created. Today, As you enter the gym, be ready to work….be ready to suffer. This day isn’t about you, me, the coaches or anything else other than paying your respects and sacrificing an hour of your time in honor of the victims and families of athe fallen heroes on 9/11 as well as the victims and families that have lost a loved one in the war.



28September12-Friday night End of the Summer CFR party. 5pm to whenever we want….bring food, drink, and whatever you want. expect to hit a wod, and eat some food and hang out as a family. more updates on this very soon….

15September12-NUTRITION WORKSHOP. Due to the survey results, this seems to be something you guys want to talk about. This saturday 11AM we will talk about Paleo/Zone and whatever else you guys want to discuss. Also More about this very soon.

13October12- NLI COMPETITION. we have a handful of athletes competing on this day down in Aliso High School. We will be closed and I expect CFR to have a good turnout of friends and family to support our teammates.

9/11 tribute video


Workout of the Day: 11Sept12

9/11 Tribute WOD….