October is the month for Breast Cancer Awareness and as such we will be doing our part by participating in Barbells for Boobs.  It is a great fundraiser and one that I support whole heartedly.  I expect every one of you to at least sign up and fundraise for it even if you can’t attend.  I for one am very big on fundraising for a good cause and this is one of them.  I have registered us to participate in the event, but havent set an exact date in October for when we will do this.  The link to register for the event at an affiliate is so everyone better sign up!

Now we have some more things to discuss, or rant about because after all this is a blog.  Every CF Box is different, we all have our own personalities.  One thing you will NEVER find at this box is people wearing only skins, and if you attempt to show up to a WOD wearing only this you will be turned away…  Sorry but something about them, well everything about them just isn’t right.  Compression gear is great, but come on now wear something over it.  How about those ridiculously bright CF shirts we see everywhere, another thing this box will never have, contrary to common beliefe bright colors don’t make you faster, hard work and dedication make you faster.  I could care less what you wear to the box, the clothes don’t make the athlete, although many would believe otherwise.  You are only as good as you train and if you put your best effort forth every day you will reach and exceed your goals.  I love seeing people PR everyday, but if it were up to me which sometimes it actually is, I wouldn’t have you PR for months.  I would have you train hard and consistently get stronger while focusing purely on technique.  PR’s are great motivation though, and this is why we occasionally do them.  hmm… what else is there to talk about, oh as many of you have noticed I am not around during many of the night classes anymore, Chris is the evening coach while I coach the mornings, this will fluctuate eventually but for now it is the schedule.


Alright I know I don’t do it enough, but then again I’m not one to take everyone by the hand and tell them they are always doing a good job but occasionally I need to let you all know how great you are doing.  So I wanted to let you all know how thoroughly impressed I have been over the past two months with your work ethic and dedication to overcoming your weaknesses in order to make yourselves stronger all around.  It takes a special type of person to be able to place your ego to the side and work on the things you suck at.  Carla, you for one have surprised me more than anyone in the gym over the past few months, your consistency and modest attitude are helping you achieve your goals, or at least my goals for you (yes I have goals for each and every one of you whether you know it or not).  I may pick on you from time to time, but its all in the spirit of making you the athlete you want to become.

The party Friday night… Lets just say I have an amazing Idea for the workout that will take place, or should I say competition at random!  Hope you guys love thrusters as much as me!!!


A. Deadlift @80% 1rm

2-2-2-2-2 Rest exactly 60 seconds between rounds


100m sprint

20 pull ups

100m sprint

20 sit ups

100m sprint

20 back ext.


3 Responses

  1. CF

    I did B4B last year at a different box because the box I was at didn’t host it, so it is quite exciting to know that CFR is on board with this great fundraising event! My aunt is a Breast cancer survivor and I dedicated my 30 clean and jerks to her fight last year! It felt great to not only participate with my sister and her boyfriend but also with the support of everyone at the box! Let’s not forget that this is for a great cause and as Paul mentioned….even if you can’t do “Grace” let’s raise some dollars here for the boobs! Let’s do this CFR!!!

  2. Carla Buzzio

    Did this event as well as last year, but can’t wait to do it with my CFR Family! Thanks for the encouraging words since I am having to re-learn everthing with proper technique and form. Thanks to all the trainers Paul, Chris, Genie, Adam, and the assitant coaches as well Nick etcc. thanks for all the advice and for your patience. BTW PR on on my split and jerk by 5lbs, BOOM SAUCE!!!

  3. Blair

    Can’t wait for this event… I have a family member that has been effected by Brest Cancer…I have already registered (And i think joined CFR….) Also Paul I am rocking HOT PINK at this event…. extra bright for you :O)
    Lets get strong CFR…

    Great WOD today Chris!!! Travis and Linda it was awesome to have someone to WOD with this morning!!!! Thanks for the push!!