I have designed the point system that we will be using for our Paleo Challenge. If you click on the link, you will see that this Challenge encompasses more than just eating healthy. We are taking into account you workouts, your water intake, fish oil, and sleep.

paleo points system – Sheet1

As of right now, we are hovering around 13 people doing the Dunk Test on 10/1. This is not enough for the company to come out. We were supposed to have our deposit in on Friday but due to such a few number, We were able to extend it to Tomorrow. IF WE DO NOT GET TO AT LEAST 18 THEN WE WILL NOT BE DOING THE DUNK TEST. I have talked to everyone in every one of my classes trying get people to sign up. I need some help with this one guys. tell friends, tell family, make people you workout with do it if you want. If I need to, I’ll start threatening people!! I know Coach Adam’s got my back on that!

He will kill you….

We also have made up a Paleo Food Journal – Sheet1, so we can get familiar with what we expect as far as food logs. Also, Allie has made a CFR PALEO CHALLENGE facebook group page where you will find new daily recipes and motivational pictures you keep you on track. Click on the link, and “like” the page to get our daily updates. Paul is created a packet that will include more recipes, shopping lists, acceptable food lists and the rules of the competition. I am seeing people really excited about the challenge and I am seeing people that are on the fence about it. If you fall into that category, THEN DO IT!! It is only 8 weeks of your entire life for crying out loud! There is no better way to change your eating habits & stay committed to your performance than with a group of people that are doing it collectively as a whole. This is a great opportunity to get to know our members and have some fun. I have set up TWO meetings this weekend (Dates have changed due to people’s lack of ability to attend) One will be held Saturday Afternoon at the gym @ 430. the other will be Sunday Morning @ 11 also at the gym. YOU MUST ATTEND ONE OF THESE MEETINGS. This is where you will receive your packets with all the information that you need for the challenge. We will all go over together so we are on the same page.

Remember, we have our Party this Friday were we can all eat like shit, drink tons of beer and have a great time before we start our challenge. Lets have some Fun this week and lets get ready to kill this Challenge.

Workout of the Day: 25 September 12

A) 10 min to establish 1RM Split Jerk

B) 2 min AMRAP: Toes to Bar

Then Immediately,

7 min AMRAP:

2 Muscle Ups

5 Push Press (135/95)

C) 10 min Frogstands & Handstand Walks