Deadlift Society/Speed Speed Speed BS/DL


Deadlift Society/Speed Speed Speed BS/DL

CrossFit Reality – Power Lifting


250 meter row

3x ME lying banded curls

3×8 banded goblet squats

Box Squats (8×2 every 30 seconds. 55% of 1 rm)

10 lbs of banded tension each side.

deficit deadlifts (8×1 every 30 seconds @55% of 1rm)

use a 15lb bumper to stand on
Use bands in the rack, up to 10lbs of tension each side.

Skill Work

Reverse Hypers (3×10)

Use a weight to continue to learn the form. Squeeze the glutes at the top.

Plyo box banded curls (3x ME)

Fast up fast down.

Farmer’s Carry (3 rounds)

Up and back is one. Use a weight that you can handle to start. Increase the weight and the speed of your walk. Drive off the heels.

Sit-ups (3xME)

use an abmat for over head sit-ups. 15/25 lbs bumper over head.