Forging Elite Fitness lasts a Lifetime


Forging Elite Fitness lasts a Lifetime

Forging Elite Fitness. CrossFits’ biggest Slogan to the world. I’m going to take it one step further and add “for a lifetime.” With our small community here are CFR expanding daily, we are seeing more and more people new to CrossFit. Paul and I both have come across a wide variety of fitness levels recently. Some ex-military, college athletes, Mom’s ready to get their fitness on (Dia you ROCK!!). Whatever the case may be, I want to address a couple of things and tie it all together with why I feel my slogan is better fitting for our family.

Nothing is more exciting than to see new faces in our box eager to try CrossFit. Our new members are bringing the enthusiasm and humbleness that makes me so happy to be here day in and day out. Our “veteran” members that have been here with us for quite some time now are improving dramatically. I saw Lauren hit a back squat at 135 for 3. Linda deadlifted close to 150lbs. Kenny is killing it at the 9am daily and Cody is doing just about everything prescribed. Most of you now know, or will soon find out, we train hard, we go heavy and stick the rule “Form follows function, consistent form breeds intensity” (I just made that rule up). CFR will NEVER be a gym that accepts any deviation from correct movement patterns. We pay very close attention to every detail and I encourage you to do the same. In an ever growing community where all it takes is a Level 1 certification, a bull**** paper why you want to open a gym and a check for the affiliation fee, quality is what will be the deciding factor that separates solid CrossFit gyms from ones with bad reputations of injuring people and allowing lackluster performances.

Whatever brought you to our facility, you are here, you have committed to us and we have already committed to you. We ask you to come in here with a positive attitude and ready to work. We will always match effort with effort. You are or will be familiar with our core principles being founded around CrossFit and strength & conditioning. We put a lot of effort into making everyone a better individual. We have a specifically designed program, we will soon be running seminars and clinics to refine movements and we make sure everyone in every class is moving in a manner that will not injure themselves. No one ever said that CrossFit was easy but to reference our new shirts “to look like an athlete, you have to become 1.”

Okay lets bring it full circle before you start losing interest (Chase is probably not even reading anymore). To even further separate our community with that of the archaic “globo” gyms, we get people to commit to a lifestyle change of improved fitness, better nutrition and pure absolute awesomeness. Great fitness does not happen over night. It takes time, commitment to the foundation, and dedication to the program to reach your goals. It doesn’t matter what stage you are at in your CrossFit career, there is always room for improvement. As an athlete, someone who cares about his or her health and longevity (CODY STOP EATING LIKE SHIT), you should strive to constantly learn more and better yourself. Forging elite Fitness for a lifetime is what we are all about and what we promote to our members. Keep this in mind when you walk under our roll up doors, you are here to train, to work hard and to better yourself. You have made it past the hardest part, getting to commit, now put in the WORK.