Meet Genie!!!


Meet Genie!!!

In today’s blog I want to take the time to introduce you guys to our new coach GENIE!!!! This girl doesn’t need much of an introduction, and the best way to get to know her is from her own words. so without further adue, here she is…

CFR: okay Genie, this is your time to tell everybody who you are, where you come from and what your all about.

Genie: Well, I grew up in Long beach graduated from Wilson High. I played Varsity Volleyball (and a part-time dancer in my bedroom). I went to Cal State Fullerton on a full-ride scholarship where my coach got me introduced to olympic lifts.

CFR: so would you say Oly-lifts are your forte??

Genie: Squats and cleans all day..

CFR: good you’ll fit right in! How long have you been CrossFitting?

Genie: one year. I started at CrossFit Live on August 8th. My first WOD was cleans and front squats. ladder down from 10 to 1. my kind of misery!

CFR: Who got you into CrossFit?

Genie: Christopher Francisco. my older brother! (CFR- the tall lanky goofy guy in our gym.) He forced me into it! the whole way there I was mad. he even made me Rx my very first WOD! I couldn’t walk for like two weeks.

CFR: so whats your favorite and least favorite WOD?

Genie: my favorite wod is 100 hang power cleans for time. if you drop the bar its a 10 burpee penalty. we should try it!!

CFR: ya I think not…sounds miserable

Genie: haha. my least favorite WOD is probably a 5k…

CFR: well we just ran a 10k last week…should we reprogram that for you??

Genie: haha ya I heard…thanks but I don’t want to get lost!

CFR: so you heard??? ask Lauren Bennet how that went down…she really liked it. So what interested you in CFR and what do you want to accomplish as an athlete and a coach?

Genie: My brother had nothing but good things to say about the box, so I decided to try it out. Needless to say I really liked the programming and I missed competing against my brother. As an athlete, I want to keep moving forward and keep improving. Not gonna settle!! As a coach I want to pass on my knowledge and keep learning more from the coach’s that are already here.

CFR: What are your thoughts on how the dynamics will change having a female coach?

Genie: I think that not only will the other female athletes have someone to look up to but also compete against. As a coach I know I can bring a sense of confidence and motivation to our members. I feel I can add another perspective on coaching to the gym that will help improve our athletes even more.

CFR: Okay Genie, I think we got all the basics covered…on behalf of myself and Paul we want to say thank you for committing to our gym and we are beyond excited to have you! We recognize the fire that burns inside and we are fully confident in your abilities and what you can bring to the table. Any closing words??

Genie: I can’t wait to meet everyone and I know I can do my part as a coach and as an athlete! I’m excited to represent CrossFit Reality!!


Workout of the Day 21August12

A) Pendlay Row

3×8 -working up to heavy weight with perfect form and maintain through sets

B) “Michael”

3 rounds for time:

800m run

50 back extensions

50 situps

8 Responses

    1. jazzy

      I would are one of the goofiest persons i know lol. Thanks for encouraging your sister to be a coach i know she would be awesome and probably push me as hard as you do.

  1. Schlack

    Genie welcome to Team CFR. I saw you killing that WOD last week in CFR and I look forward to learning and working with you.

  2. Vic

    be prepared to be pushed hard by this girl!!!! great trainer and even a better person!!! good luck keeping up with her in WOD also… been trying to beat her for a year and still haven’t done it!!

  3. jazzy

    Yay, finally a girl coach…and I’m so glad it’s you genie. I’ve seen you work out before and you are an amazing athlete. Just letting you know ahead of time i’m not a fan of running or burpees hahaha. Thanks for helping me with the walls balls yesterday. Hope to keep seeing you around and that you keep pushing me to get as good as you. 🙂