Nobody Likes Change…


Nobody Likes Change…

I want to be a better athlete, I want to be stronger, I want to be faster, I want to live a longer healthier life… Those are the most common goals I hear, and not in that specific order, but in order to get there we have to be willing to put in the work.

Why do we all hate change?  Is it that we are scared of what could possibly go right from changing things up, or is it that we fear the new methods will not get us where we want to be?  These are questions I’m sure you are all asking yourselves when it comes to your performance in the box…

Let me remind you, CrossFit is about being well rounded, equally training all facets of fitness… WE ARE NOT SPECIALISTS, that is now how we achieve a higher level of overall fitness.

So on to the matter of the new programming and why some of you feel “under-utilized”, yes those are the exact words that were used…  I was kind of surprised by this reaction, but also somewhat expected it.  First and foremost let me say that there is nothing wrong with you for being or feeling concerned about the shift in programming.  I expected it and am glad that you all are concerned because it shows me that you actually care about what you are doing in here.

FORM:  Is our number one priority, if you can’t hit a front squat properly how can you hit a full clean?

COOLNESS: not our priority, yes Olympic lifting all the time is “cool” now in CrossFit, 5 years ago it was hardly mentioned in the box, now its all anyone wants to talk about.

But lets get back on track with our goals, and VIRTUOSITY, yes if you follow CrossFit at all or Coach Glassman that word is echoed over and over again in what CrossFit is designed to do.


NEW Programming:


The new programming is only temporary, as I promise you being well rounded is the most important aspect of our programming to make you all better and stronger.  To rid you of some of your concern about losing strength or not getting to where you think you should be please understand this.  In the next 12 weeks we are going to drill the basics home hard, we are going to excel at doing these foundational movements over and over again!  We may feel like we are losing something in our snatch or clean but I assure you that loss will only be temporary and will be replaced with even greater jumps in strength after it is all said and done.


We will be squatting every week, sometimes multiple times, because this is the first and most essential movement needed to build the strength we want… Just ask Rich Froning, he may know a thing or two.  We will be pressing, strict, bench, floor, and we will be working that deadlift.  These lifts are the foundation of what we will build, and rest assured you will be doing enough hollow holds to make you puke (ok maybe not that far) to make you have the rock solid core necessary to support massive loads and protect your spine.  We are in the business of making you better don’t forget that.


We build a rock solid foundation first, and then we build the accessory items on top of what we have.  Many of us have “ok” or “sufficient” form but our bodies are still new to strength training, so more basic methods are more than enough to make you make the necessary gains in order to achieve the end goal of training at an elite level.


Training at that level does not come over night, it does not come in 6 months or even a year, strength training takes time for your body to adapt.   This is not a knock to you or your abilities but it is something we need you to focus on and understand.  Our Olympic lifting day on Saturday is completely under-utilized, there are maybe 4-5 people that show up on a regular basis.  Much of this decision to shift the programming has come from our coaches meeting as well as meeting with an Olympic lifting coach.


Our recent focus on mobility is to better our ability to move PROPERLY, and yes including me, no one likes mobility; I personally hate it so I’m right there with you.


Trust your coaches, don’t be the client that thinks you know everything after 6 months CrossFit, its not possible, combined we have over 30 years of experience in lifting and coaching, we may have a few tricks up our sleeve that you never would of dreamed of, trust us and we will get you to where you want to be.  Be patient, allow the training time to work, and in 6 months when you are stronger than you ever were you will understand why we did what we did.