Rest Days


Rest Days

Ok so as you all are aware, or should be aware we are now open 7 days a week… YES!!! that means you can get all your CrossFit Awesomeness on each and every day you please.  More or less to become even more badass than you already are.

So on to more pressing issues… Our new schedule format that goes in line with our programming.  On Thursdays and Sundays the gym is in an open gym format during class times.  You still need to show up on time, expect to do work, and get gnarly with mobility.  These open gym days are also rest days known as active recovery.  During these days you should be working on mobility, straight from, skills that you need to perfect or you just aren’t quite getting yet, or even to make up a WOD that you missed earlier in the week so that you can get everything out of the programmed training for the week.  Just because it is a “Rest” day doesn’t mean stay home and sleep on the couch… No Bueno…

Now that we’ve covered that I want to talk about the skills I want you to work on.  1. Jump Rope and Double Unders… yes we hate them but we need to excel at them, once you get them you’re solid.  This is time for you to focus and work on something you hate, something you aren’t good at…  If you squat 500lbs I don’t want to walk in here and see you working on your squat… Work on your weakest abilities, in turn they will make your strongest stronger.  Don’t target things because you like them, unless you’re the person that likes to do everything you are horrible at because you just can’t stand to be bad at anything…

Having said all that, see you guys tonight, lets get to work!


Rest Day/Open Gym