The Novice Curse


The Novice Curse

The deadly  “Novice Curse.” I have talked about this with a few of our members and I feel it is something that needs to be addressed. The “10,000 hour rule”states to become a master of proficiency, you need to accumulate at least 10,000 hours in that specific task or skill. To put this into perspective, that is three hours a day for ten years to master your skills. Now this is a lofty goal but it is what we want to instill in you. Now lets address the “Novice Curse” and how to stay away from it.

If this doesn’t motivate you, then you got issues

As a coach, I have seen many fall victim to the novice curse. To be truthful, I have fallen into this danger zone as well. As you grow as an athlete in our gym, you will progress quickly especially in the first year of your CrossFit life. You will hit PR’s, your WOD’s will get faster, and aesthetically you will see a lot of changes.  As you get stronger, faster and fitter, the fire inside ignites and burns even hotter. It will fuel your passion in health and fitness. I have been talking to a lot of our members that now routinely check the blog first thing in the morning; they spend their day at work thinking of the workout and how they can attack it. At night, you may find yourself thinking about how you could have improved on your performance and what tomorrows WOD will be.

You are addicted. You have become an addict of CrossFit and the power behind it. Now as you pass through the beginning phases of learning the movement patterns, understanding what full range of movement means, and the un-godly first month soreness wears off, I want you to walk cautiously through the next phase. As a coach, I have seen many fall victim to the novice curse. “Novice Curse” is when an athlete tries to progress too quickly through mastering the movements with desires to compete. Are working on muscle ups but still struggle stringing together kipping pull-ups? Are focusing on handstand pushups but can’t crank out 40 full range of motion pushups? Are you trying to get down a snatch but still don’t have the flexibility for an overhead squat?

what drives you?







I absolutely love when an athlete tells me they want to someday compete in CrossFit. It is imperative to have a goal you are trying to reach. I want to remind you that anything worth being considered a goal takes time to achieve. Due diligence day in and day out at the gym is how you will take your dreams and make them your reality.



Workout of the Day: 20AUGUST12

A) Pause Front Squats

5×3 working up to as heavy as possible-rest exactly 60 sec.

*pause for three seconds  in the hole on every rep*

B) 5 rounds for time:

25 double unders

12 squat cleans (115/75)

8 ring dips