Time to Mobilize


Time to Mobilize

“All human beings should be able to perform
basic maintenance on themselves”

 by Kelly Starrett, DPT

Depending on how long or how obsessed you are with getting fit, you may or may not have heard of this quote by this man. Kelly Starret founded one of the first CrossFit gyms in San Francisco. He has been monumental in the growth of our sport from his ever so popular Mobilitywod.com. It began with Kelly and his team realizing the need for athletes to correctly learn how to mobilize. Kelly started the Mobility Project back in 2010 and for 365 days he posted a new video on his blog. the videos are short, very informative and always humorous.

Is this you when going OH????

I wanted to expose all of us to the importance of proper mobilization and what it can do for you as an athlete. Remember the little test from last week during our KB WOD? Out of all my classes, I think we had just a handful that could reach overhead without any over extension in the back. That tells me we are missing thoracic mobility, shoulder mobility and I know the list doesn’t stop there. This means we have some serious work to do. Do you struggle hitting a full depth squat without dropping your chest? How about the rack position? do you hate front squats and cleans because you have to fight holding the bar? Do Handstand pushups or a Handstand hold make your wrists feel they are about to explode? Has anyone ever told you you have T-rex arms because you cannot even fully extend your elbow? This are all contributing factors to lack of flexibility.

CFR’s very own, very rare…..T-rex

So this is me on behalf of every coach here at CFR calling you out. If you have an issue CORRECT IT. Come in ten minutes early to do work with the LAX balls or foam rollers. We are going to start posting Mobility videos from the MWOD going all the way back to day 1. You start religiously following this and you will see gains in range of motion and in your performance.

Mobility WOD DAY 1

Workout of the Day: 4SEPT12

A) Establish 1RM Clean

B) AMRAP 10 min:

7 Med Ball Cleans (20/14)

7 Burpee-Wall Balls (20,10″/14,9″)

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